In 1 hour: How to Build a Content, Community & Membership App (no-code hackathon)

Sell any content on a no-code mobile app

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👋 I’m Zoe Chew, a product builder in tech. I’ve built & launched multiple products & apps using the rapid MVP method: sneaker app, personal FAQ, meal kit app, virtual event app, SaaS tracker, online food delivery +more‍

🎉 Storytime

Last week, I met one of my readers through an On Deck program who has been reading Build & Launch for over the past year! Appreciation shoutout to Chuck Marvin — thank you again for your thoughtful comment and feedback on that day!

What I’m working on:

  • 🌎 Committing my time to ODF10, a 10-week fellowship program that brings together exceptional founders, builders & operators to start their next ventures. Making sure I am awake from 12 am to 4 am (Asia time) for all the program sessions in Pacific Time.
  • 🚀 Launched a new site for Build & Launch’s landing page. p/s: I love Webflow!
  • 🧪 My own product studio: creating, prototyping startup experiments internally. If you’re interested in the venture/studio model, read this article
  • 🎥 Video recording for online course materials.
  • 📚 Reading book #12 — The Art Of Living by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • ⏰ Biohacking through nutrition, Circadian Rhythm & energy management.

🤩 Let’s build things

Want to start a side hustle and monetize an online business idea?

In this 1 hour 18 min step-by-step video hackathon, you will learn:

  • Create a Content, Community + Membership app with multi-users functionality
  • Turn your content into “sellable” offerings on an app (i.e. blogs, videos, workshops, recordings, events access, newsletters)
  • Build a fully functional app, without code
  • Using Product Thinking Framework to build an app from start to finish

Test & preview the app:

👉 Watch the step-by-step video

🚀 Why Video Hackathon?

  • Hack an app (nocode) at your own pace, don’t need to worry about teaming up with technical folks to start building something
  • Step-by-step video lecture & instruction, you won’t feel lost
  • Equip valuable skills to turn an idea into a monetizable app
  • You don’t need to quit your day job to start a side hustle
  • No hackathon prize, but you WIN when you execute an idea rather than thinking about it

👉 Watch the step-by-step video

🎥 Video intro & timestamp:

  • 0:00 — Introduction
  • 03:09 — Product Thinking Framework
  • 04:07 — Map Out the User Flows
  • 06:01 — Setting Up App Database
  • 12:26 — Create the Video Course Playlist
  • 14:15 — Design the App Layout for Video Playlist
  • 15:47 — Categorize Video Playlists Based on Topic
  • 19:21 — Users’ Rating & Database
  • 21:39 — Bookmark Content to a User’s Account
  • 22:48 — Create “Complete” Indicator on Watched Content
  • 26:04 — Display Progress Bar & Visualize Course Progress
  • 32:55 — User’s Account & Profile Page
  • 36:18 — Event Page & Premium Members Area
  • 45:27 — Community Feature: Post a Discussion
  • 48:22 — Community Feature: Comments Section
  • 52:13 — Newsletter Content & Bookmark Articles
  • 01:01:04 — Sell Content Membership on The App with Stripe
  • 01:08:22 — Adding “Home” Screen for Featured Content
  • 01:17:05 — Publish the App!
  • 01:18:04 — Test Drive the App on Mobile Device
  • 01:18:27 — THE END

👉 Watch the step-by-step video

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