24-Hour Startup: Build an Online Marketplace of Legal Experts

Learn to build a B2B online marketplace startup without code

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In this 24-hour startup hackathon, I break down a B2B startup idea, build the MVP, share the MVP video tutorial, and explain the product processes: ideation, validation, distribution, and monetization.‍

‍1. Startup idea 💡

LegalSpot — an online marketplace startup that connects lawyers and business clients for company-related legal consultation. *This is a case study MVP project, not a startup in operation.*

Industry quick bite:

  • Online legal services provide quick access to legal practitioners, which helps clients get legal help online without having to hire lawyers on a retainer basis.
  • Examples of online legal services: company formation, tax registration, legal counsel, drafting agreements, estate planning, divorce, family law, real estate, civil, etc.
  • One of the top players, Legal Zoom has 1001–5000 employees and $811M funded, a one-stop platform for online legal services and advisory

Next, we will define the problem, brainstorm potential solutions, and identify value creation opportunities.‍


  • Legal matters are tedious. Ignoring legal matters is a costly financial mistake.
  • Finding the right business lawyers often waste time, energy, and money.
  • For lawyers, it takes a long process to generate high-quality business leads.‍


  • Qualify business leads through 1:1 intro calls.
  • Receive high-quality client matches in 24 hours via a verified network.
  • Private community for legal practitioners to build deeper relationships, discuss legal needs, and collaborate.‍

Target market

  • Pre-company stage, early-stage, and growth-stage company owners who are looking for legal consultants.
  • Legal practitioners who are specialized in company formation, tax registration, IP protection, drafting agreement, document review, international expansion, mergers & acquisitions, etc.

‍Unique selling proposition (USP)‍

For business users:

  • Vetted network of legal professionals.
  • Cost-effective, on-demand legal advisors.
  • Support your legal needs across company stages. Anytime. Anywhere.‍

For legal professionals:

  • Relevant client-matching.
  • Ease of getting high-quality business leads.
  • Scale your legal practice digitally from the comfort of your home.‍

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2. Scope of MVP 🪞

An MVP (minimum viable product) is used to test your startup idea, value proposition, and solutions as quickly as you can without risking any budget at the early stage.‍

Pick one problem, come up with one solution to solve the problem.

‍Here’s how to think through the initial MVP scope:

  • Provide high-quality matches for business clients by introducing relevant lawyers for their needs.
  • Help legal practitioners find the right business leads.
  • Deliver the matching service between the legal practitioners and business users through 1:1 calls‍

Key functionalities

  • A landing page that explains the legal marketplace concept
  • A directory listing of vetted legal practitioners
  • Search and filter option in the directory listing
  • Expand profile detail of each legal practitioner
  • Book a call (initiated by business clients)
  • Schedule a 1:1 intro call (manually qualify business users for quality matching)‍

3. MVP Stack 🔨

You can use these tools to quickly build the legal advisors marketplace — without coding or technical knowledge.‍


Airtable is a spreadsheet-database hybrid, with the features of a database but applied to a spreadsheet.‍


No-code builder that can generate web app features by integrating with Airtable.‍


Create online appointments to manually onboard potential users, deliver the matching service, go deeper to understand their needs, and improve the MVP.‍


Create an email list in Mailchimp and integrate the email signup form on the landing page.‍


Generate laptop, tablet, desktop, and mobile phone mockups to showcase your platform or app images.‍

4. Build the MVP features 🚀

This MVP has two parts:

Or watch the full MVP video here 👈

(1) Startup landing page

Explain the startup idea, value proposition, how it works, why your service is unique, who has the problem, and who you are building for.‍

(2) Legal advisors directory

Showcase a list of curated legal professionals and allow users to proceed with their booking. Manually arrange the matching or booking process through a 1:1 intro.‍

(3) Search and filter

Filter the profile directory based on the legal services category. For example, Intellectual Property, Venture Financing, Company Entity, Patent, International Expansion, etc.‍

(4) Lawyers’ profile detail

Users can click on each advisor’s profile and expand for more details.

(5) Book a call

Users can select an advisor and book a call session. Users are required to schedule an intro call and we can use this opportunity to understand their company needs and make a 1:1 intro.‍

5. Watch the full video teardown 🎥

Continue the full MVP teardown case study in video format, including step-by-step tutorials on building this legal marketplace MVP without code.

👉 Access the video teardown

More insights:

  • Framework to evaluate valid problems to solve
  • Process to brainstorm product ideas like this
  • Areas to consider when building a B2B marketplace idea
  • How to find users to test?
  • How to measure MVP validation?
  • 3 income streams for this B2B business idea

Video content

  • 0:00 — Introduction
  • 02:22 — MVP walkthrough, what you’re going to build
  • 05:19 — Framework to find valid problems to solve
  • 07:06 — Market validation & landscape in the online legal service industry
  • 08:49 — Problem, solution & product idea
  • 12:07 — Scope of MVP, prioritize initial features
  • 16:15 — Choosing the right no-code MVP tools
  • 17:13 — Building a startup landing page (step-by-step)
  • 32:23 — Integrate email signup form on the landing page
  • 36:11 — Finalize the landing page design
  • 44:14 — Creating profile database for online directory
  • 50:34 — Creating multiple filter options & category tags
  • 59:16 — Integrate database with the landing page
  • 01:16:01 — How to find users to test? How to measure MVP validation?
  • 01:21:58–3 income streams for this B2B marketplace idea?
  • 01:26:00 — Recap

👉 Access the video teardown

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Originally published on Whizzoe.com on May 13, 2021

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